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Best Birding in Costa Rica

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Best Books – Birds of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Birding Trips

While Costa Rica is a small place, it is home to over 5% of earth’s biodiversity. With the same size as Lake Michigan, this country owns some outstanding Reserves and National Parks.
Costa Rica has an amazing count of species every 10,000 sq km. No other country on the planet has achieved this potential. It is a heaven for adventurers and globetrotters.

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Birdwatching Costa Rica

If you are a wildlife explorer, then nothing could be better than the menagerie of Costa Rica. Whether iguanas, or toucans, crocs or monkeys, every animal and bird species will give you a thrilling experience.
With world-class bio-diversified parks, Costa Rica is a dedicated country that provides harbor to many endangered and rare species. No wonder the place is the best destination for wildlife enthusiasts.

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Costa Rica Tours

Planning an adventurous Tour in Costa Rica? And have several places in mind, but do not know from where to begin? Well, Costa Rica is not only a holiday destination; it’s an experience of a lifetime!
This small country does have not only environmental attractions but also great culture and history. It has an array of tourist attractions that can be covered when you plan for a tour in costa rica. The long list includes misty forests, majestic volcanoes, miles of serene beaches along the coasts and spell binding river valleys.

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Costa Rica Vacation Rentals

Costa Rica is a perfect vacation destination for people around the globe. It is a heaven for tourists who want to enjoy the privacy and personalized services.
The beach luxurious rental homes and glorious private villas are an ideal option for a great getaway. Besides, their stunning locations make your stay an incredible experience.

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