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Our Costa Rica Birding Tour Packages

Costa Rica Focus designs birding tours and bird photography tours to all the top birding destinations in Costa Rica as well as throughout Central and South America. We offer custom tours as well as guided group tours (see the differences).

We work with the best Costa Rica birding lodges and hotels, provide all your transportation, and arrange fully guided or unguided tours. If you are interested in joining a scheduled group birding trip, click here to see our group options.

Our expert knowledge and local experience will help create the perfect Costa Rica birding tour for you. If your focus is more about romance, family adventure, or general interest we can help you with that too.

Grand Costa Rica Bird Watching Tour

Costa Rica Bird Watching Tours 1

Package #1

Focus: Advanced Birding
Type: Privately guided tour
Days: 14

Costa Rica Bird Photography Tour

Costa Rica Bird Photography Tours

Package #2

Focus:  Bird Photography
Type: Privately guided tour
Days: 12

Costa Rica Biological Stations Birding Tour

Costa Rica Biological Stations Birding Tour

Package #3

Focus: Advanced Birding
Type: Privately guided tour
Days: 10

Secluded Costa Rica Birdwatching Tour

Secluded Costa Rica Birdwatching Tours

Package #4

Focus: Advanced Birding
Type: Privately guided tour
Days: 9

Costa Rica Birding at It’s Best Tour

Costa Rica Birding Tours

Package #5

Focus: Advanced Birding
Type: Privately guided tour
Days: 10

Unique Costa Rica Birding & Beach Tour

Unique Costa Rica Birding Trips

Package #6

Focus: Intermediate Birding
Type: Privately guided (beach portion is independent)
Days: 10

Costa Rica Highlights Bird Watching Tour

Highlights Costa Rica Birding Trip

Package #7

Focus: Advanced Birding
Type: Privately guided tour
Days: 8

Intro to Costa Rica Birdwatching Tour

Costa Rica Birdwatching Tours 2019

Package #8

Focus: Intro to Birding
Type: Independent with local guides
Days: 8

Birding on a Budget

Costa Rica Volcano Jungle Beach Tours

Package #9

Focus: Intermediate Birding
Type: Independent with local guides
Days: 13

Costa Rica Birding Tour Company

Choosing your bird watching trip to Costa Rica can be as tough as counting species in a mixed flock. Lots of companies, lots of choices. We want you to travel the way you want to travel. It’s your birding adventure and we’re your personal Costa Rica bird guides, helping you maneuver through all the information and choices that will come your way as you begin researching your Costa Rica birding vacation.

It is easy for us to relate to your travel needs because we’ve traveled just like you have. We have carried birding binoculars, spotting scopes, and extra hiking boots. We have stayed in simple lodges, with no electricity but the birds of Costa Rica, OH THE BIRDS and in elegant luxurious suites overlooking lush gardens, and the birds, OH THE BIRDS.  As we live here in Costa Rica, the bird watcher’s paradise and as avid bird watchers ourselves, we can guide you to the best birding spots in Costa Rica.

Eighteen years ago, Costa Rica Focus was conceived. The core idea was formed; a friendly travel planning service, from local experts who live, work and play in the destinations we promote to our customers.

Whether you are looking for an intense Costa Rica birding adventure, life list in hand, or just want to be immersed in the sights and sounds of Costa Rica (or Central America), Costa Rica Focus is here to help.

Let’s talk about your Costa Rica birding vacation!

What Clients Say About Our Costa Rica Birding Tours

costa rica birding tours reviews

Rudy is the best birding guide we have ever had on any of our birding trips. No one surpasses his knowledge of the natural environment, wildlife, and birds of Costa Rica. But even more, Rudy is a wonderful person. He is friendly and cares deeply about the people he leads on his trips, accommodating their every need.

We have been so impressed with Rudy’s abilities that we have gone on four Costa Rica birding trips with him. He is also an excellent pianist and will play for you if you happen to be staying in a lodge where there is a piano such as at Monte Verde.

Ann and Mac Scott – Pennsylvania

I’ve been on 3 guided bird tours in Costa Rica, guided by Rudy Zamora of Costa Rica Focus and I only have full confidence and praise whenever I speak about my birding adventures to Costa Rica, I ALWAYS advise any interested parties to contact Rudy for a truly wonderful wildlife experience.

Not only is Rudy exceedingly competent to find the birds, identify them by sight and sound, talk about their habitat and life cycles, but he can also talk about the ecology of the rainforest or cloud forests or grasslands, plants, other wildlife, culture, history, astronomy! Rudy’s enthusiasm is contagious and excites us all on his safaris with our latest discoveries.

Mr. Stan Lupo – Pennsylvania

I first met Rudy Zamora on a bird watching trip to Costa Rica in 2010. I was immediately impressed with his knowledge of his country’s culture, history, and birds. As a guide, he was simply amazing! We spotted over 200 species of birds as well as countless mammals and plant species but most importantly, Rudy made everyone feel welcome and special.

Since that time, I’ve been back to Costa Rica 7 times and led 4 of my own bird watching groups down to Costa Rica with Rudy as our birding guide. His humor, knowledge, and love of nature allow tourists to experience a “trip of a lifetime.” I can say without hesitation that you will not be disappointed.

Gretchen Dowling

I consider ourselves pretty well traveled, taking many non/self-guided trips. If you want to visit to visit and learn about Costa Rica and its inhabitants, I highly recommend Costa Rica Focus with Rudy Zamora to be your guide. Besides his attention to the details of planning an exciting vacation, his knowledge of just about anything nature related is exceptional.

Rudy took us to The Osa Peninsula and hiked through the Corcovado National Park up to Savegre to see a variety of beautiful birds like the hummingbirds. Although it rained most of the week, we didn’t lose a beat with all the things to see and do in Costa Rica.

Carol & Joe Voicheck

My husband and I traveled to Costa Rica for the first time in 2017 on a birding trip with friends. Rudy was our birding guide.

We were new to the entire experience while others were well educated and experienced. Rudy adapted effortlessly. His accumulated knowledge as a naturalist and lifetime of experience allowed him to make us feel comfortable, while also feeding my keen interest in Costa Rican flora along the way.

Thank you, Rudy!

Debby Kowit

Costa Rica Birding Tours: Privately Guided vs Scheduled Group vs Independent… Differences?

When booking your birding tour, it’s important to know the different options available to you. Based on the experience you are looking for, the intensity of birding, and budget, Costa Rica Focus will help you choose the best option for you.


Birding Tour Guide and Driver

Private Guide

These are custom tours.

Private guide is with the guests from arrival to departure. He is available at all times; he birds at the pace of the guests and matches the intensity level of birding to the desire of the guests.

With smaller groups, he acts as a driver. With larger groups, we use a separate driver.

These tours have scheduled departure dates.

Private guide is with the group from arrival to departure. He is available at all times; he birds at the pace of the group and matches the intensity level of birding to the desire of the group.

Generally, we use a separate driver.

Independent Tour

These are custom tours.

Guests use private transfers or rental car to get from point A to point B. Costa Rica Focus can arrange birding excursions (private or shared) at each location.

Guests can bird on their own or hire freelance guides on site.

General Pricing

Private Guide

The cost of the guide is rolled into the tour cost. Guests cover guide fee, plus room and board.

Scheduled Group

The cost of the guide is rolled into the tour cost. Guests cover guide fee, plus room and board.

Generally, less impactful on total cost, because the cost is spread amongst more people.

Independent Tour

The cost of the guide is part of the day excursion purchased by the guest.

Overall tour cost is determined by the guest based on dates of travel, types of hotels, activities, and number of travelers.

Number of Species Seen

Private Guide

Birding is constant, including while traveling from Point A to Point B.

Privately guided tours produce double the species than non-privately guided tours.

Scheduled Group

Birding is constant, including while traveling from Point A to Point B.

Privately guided tours produce double the species than non-privately guided tours.

Independent Tour

With guided private day tours species counts are good but, in most cases, will not match the level of a privately guided tour.

Tour Dates

Private Guide

Open and flexible based on guides schedule.

Scheduled Group

Not flexible. Guests must join pre-set dates.

Independent Tour

Open and flexible based on guests’ schedule.

Other Activities

Private Guide

Open, can be added to the customized tour.

Scheduled Group

Activities are pre-set, and can’t be removed, but optional activities can be added during down time.

Independent Tour

Open, can be added to the customized tour. 

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Five Costa Rica Birding Trips You Must Take

Costa Rica birding trips are one of many reasons why foreigners choose this amazing green country to travel to. While Costa Rica is a small place, it is home to over 5% of earth’s biodiversity. With the same size as Lake Michigan, this country owns some outstanding Reserves and National Parks.

Costa Rica has an amazing count of species every 10,000 sq km. No other country on the planet has achieved this potential. It is a heaven for adventurers and globetrotters. With 870 bird species in the country, bird watching trips in Costa Rica have gained immense popularity. It is the best tourist destination for bird watchers.

Here are some great paradises for Costa Rica birding trips. You can explore several rare bird species in these regions. We also have a bird tour you won’t soon forget!

1- Wilson Botanical Garden

This botanical garden occupies the 12-hectare land. The natural forest spread in 255 hectares encloses this area.

Wilson Botanical Garden is an excellent tourist attraction. It was established in 1963. Tourists around the globe recognize this park for its world-class collection of exotic bird and wildlife species.

It has some incredible array of rare birds, therapeutic plants, and wondrous animals. Millions of tourists explore the opportunity to visit the area at least once in a lifetime.

costa rica birding trips wilson botanic park

2- Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge

Cano Negro is the nesting and resting site for migratory birds. Its swamplands and rainforests serve as an ideal place for birds to take refuge. The National Wildlife Refuge is one of the best spots for birding in Costa Rica. It is a must-visit place for bird lovers and wildlife explorers. 

Cano Negro Lake is spread over 2,000 acres and plays a critical role to save the environment. The primary water source of the lake is Rio Frio (or Cold River).

costa rica birding trips Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge

3- Cerro de la Muerte

This place is full of spectacular birds that one can see flying in the sky. Ancient Mayas and Aztecs admired these amazing flying creatures.

Muerte is a mountain and is the highest point of Inter American highway in Costa Rica. Cerro de la Muerte means “the mountain of death.” It is a perfect place for a Sunday bird trip.

It offers a picturesque view along with bird watching. It has some exclusive bird varieties including famous Quetzal, unique hummingbird breeds such as Mountain-gem, volcano, and black-bellied.

Horseback riding and trout fishing are a couple of other activities in the area that tourists can look forward to.

costa rica birding trips Cerro de la Muerte

4- Río Tempisque

River Tempisque is another tourist destination for adventurers. Whether a boat trip in the Bebedero River or hiking along the Palo Verde, it is the perfect station for an enthralling experience.

It is a known place for birding trips in Costa Rica. The area around the river offers a distinctive breeding ground for many birds. These include jacanas, limpkins, gallinules, kingfishers, herons and many more.

costa rica birding trips Rio Tempisque palo verde

5- Parque Nacional Carara

A favorite among the Costa Rica birding trips is the Parque Nacional Carara. It is one of the most famous National parks in Costa Rica. Its proximity to San Jose makes it an easily reachable place for fun-filled odyssey.

It is the home for the scarlet macaw, one of the most fascinating birds of Costa Rica. The place also offers a glimpse of tropical miracles.

The wildlife in Parque Nacional Carara is unnerving. The huge crocodile lounge has monster reptiles just below the National park.

costa rica birding trips Parque Nacional Carara

With all the splendid bird destinations, Costa Rica is an impressive place for bird lovers. It is a dream place for every Ornithologist.

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