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Map of the Costa Rica Highlights Birdwatching Tour

‘Costa Rica Highlights Birdwatching Tour’ Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrive San Jose | Welcome to Costa Rica

Arrive in San Jose, where you will be met and transferred to your hotel. Your tour begins with an afternoon walk through the exquisite gardens of the Hotel Bougainvillea. The gardens stretch over 10-acres with pathways, benches, and viewing areas. There are 50 species of bromeliad, native trees, orchids, herbs, cactus and much more. The gardens are a haven for several hard to see bird species including the white-eared ground sparrow and the Prevost Ground Sparrow. The hotel is decorated with local pottery and hosts an impressive collection of rocks and minerals found throughout Costa Rica. Dine tonight at the hotel restaurant.

Hotel: Hotel Bougainvillea 2 Weeks Costa Rica Bird Watching Tour - Day 1 - San Jose

Day 2: San Jose Area | Braulio Carillo National Park

Just 45-minutes outside San Jose is one of the lushest and the most unexplored National Parks in the country; Braulio Carillo National Park. This park is home to over 500 species of birds, and over 150 species of mammals. It is highly undiscovered and it’s a truly unique experience for those lucky enough to walk its trails. You will spend the day today on the lookout for swarms of army ants, the lattice-tailed trogon, yellow-eared toucanets, and so much more.
Hotel: Hotel Bougainvillea
Costa Rica Highlights Birdwatching Tour - Braulio Carillo National Park


Day 3: Osa Peninsula | Rainforest & Beaches

This morning you will return to the San Jose Airport to board your domestic flight to Drake Bay Airport. You will be picked up there by Casa Corcovado Lodge and transferred via boat along the Pacific coastline to the lodge. You will land at the beach (be prepared to get your feet wet) and then make your way into the rainforest and Casa Corcovado. You will have time this afternoon to bird the lush gardens and trails around the lodge.

Hotel: Casa Corcovado


Day 4: Osa Peninsula | Corcovado National Park

2.5% of the world’s biodiversity calls Corcovado home. This pristine, dense, lush jungle exemplifies everything that nature lovers can imagine. Sultry weather brings plants to life, dark shadows hide jaguars and tapirs and over 100,000 acres of primary rainforest creates a paradise for birds (and bird lovers). Scarlet macaws, turquoise cotingas, bicolored hawk, and the blue-headed parrot are just a few of the “must have” birds found in the region. Today you’ll explore the network of trails, enjoying all that Corcovado has to offer.

Hotel: Casa Corcovado
Day 4: Osa Peninsula | Corcovado National Park - Costa Rica Highlights Bird Watching Tour

Day 5: Osa Peninsula | Cano Island & Pelagic Species

Take your private boat from Casa Corcovado to Cano Island. Cano Island or “Isla del Cano” was an important burial ground for pre-Colombian Indians (1500 years ago) and then a place for pirates to hide and legends say, bury treasure. Today the island and its surrounding waters are a protected biological zone. Enjoy your boat adventure looking for pelagic birds, turtles, dolphins, and whales. There is also time for snorkeling if desired.

Hotel: Casa Corcovado
Costa Rica Highlights Bird Watching Tour - Day 5: Osa Peninsula | Cano Island & Pelagic Species

Day 6: Central Pacific | Transitional Species

You will leave Casa Corcovado today, by boat, heading North up the Pacific Coast and towards the small port town of Sierpe. The Pacific Ocean meets the Sierpe River where you will cross the river mouth and continue through the mangrove. Be on the lookout for shore birds and the elusive snowy Cotinga. You will reach the small port of Sierpe where you’ll board your transfer and continue North towards the Central Pacific and Carara National Park. You will arrive in time to spend the afternoon birding the grounds.

Hotel: Cerro Lodge

Day 7: Caribbean Lowlands | Exploring La Selva

Today it is an early breakfast and then off to the forest trails of the La Selva Biological Station. La Selva is comprised of 3900 acres of tropical forest nestled between two rivers. (Rio Puerto Viejo and Rio Sarapiqui) La Selva was established in 1954 as a farm dedicated to natural resource management. In 1968, it became a private reserve and research station owned and operated by the O.T.S.  More than 250 scientific papers are published yearly with research and study done and completed at La Selva. You will enjoy the entire morning at La Selva. Enjoy a break for lunch and a rest during the heat of the day. That afternoon you will continue to explore the trails around the reserve.
Hotel: La Selva Biological Station

Day 8: San Jose | Return Home

Your Costa Rica birding adventure comes to a close. Return to the San Jose Airport for your flight home.

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