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‘Costa Rica Biological Stations Birding Tour’ Itinerary 

Day 1: Arrive at the Liberia Airport | Welcome to Costa Rica

Arrive at the Liberia Airport, where you will be met by your private guide. Your journey begins with a 1.5-hour drive to the Palo Verde area. This area includes the 50,000 acre Palo Verde National Park, and an amazing array of habitats. The intense number of bird species in the area will ensure a great start to your birding adventure. Keep your binoculars ready as you will have great chances for the thicket tinamou, long tail manikin, vireos, orioles, and the jabiru stork.
Hotel: Hacienda La Pacifica

Costa Rica Advanced Birding Tour


Day 2: Palo Verde | Marshes & Wetlands

Today you will spend the day exploring the dry forest and wetlands. You will combine hiking, and driving and possibly even a boat ride to search out all the target species in the area. After a full day of birding (with breaks for meals on site) you’ll have time to relax at dinner and update your checklists. This evening, you will spend time around your hotel searching for owls, potoos, and night jars. (plus, all the other night creatures of the rainforest).
Hotel: Hacienda La Pacifica

Day 3: Caribbean Lowlands | Tenorio & La Selva

After breakfast, continue your adventure traveling northeast to the Caribbean Lowlands. You will drive about 3-hours to the station. Weather permitting you will stop at the Tenorio National Park to look for the Pied-puffbird, Tody Motmot, Black & Yellow Tanager (among many other species) and then continue to La Selva. La Selva is comprised of 3900 acres of tropical forest nestled between two rivers. (Rio Puerto Viejo and Rio Sarapiqui)

La Selva was established in 1954 as a farm dedicated to natural resource management. In 1968, it became a private reserve and research station owned and operated by the O.T.S. More than 250 scientific papers are published yearly with research and study done and completed at La Selva. The accommodations are simple and the food basic, but the birding and wildlife viewing is without compare.
Hotel: La Selva Biological Station  

Day 4: Caribbean Lowlands | Primary Rainforest

From the moment you step out of your room, you will be collecting species at La Selva. The gardens surrounding the lodge are teeming with Bananaquits, Red-legged Honeycreepers, Hummingbirds, and Toucans. You will spend the day exploring the vast trail system throughout the station. Keep your eyes peeled for the Snowy Cotinga, Black-striped Woodcreeper, Tiny Hawk, and the Little Tinamou.

Hotel: La Selva Biological StationCaribbean Lowlands | Primary Rainforest, Birding Tour Costa Rica at La Selva Biological Station


Day 5: San Gerardo de Dota | Cloud Forest & Paramo Species

Today you will depart the steamy Caribbean lowlands and head for the highlands of the Talamanca Mountains. Enroute, you’ll stop at the famed La Paz waterfall gardens to walk the trails, view the waterfalls, and enjoy a tasty lunch. Your total drive time is about 3 hours.

Note the change in temperature (have a sweater handy) and a vast difference in the surrounding fauna as you enter the gorgeous white oak forests of San Gerardo de Dota. Your riverside lodge has gorgeous gardens and comfortable accommodations. This area is a prime location for the Resplendent quetzal, the Flame-Throated Warbler, and the Red-Headed Barbet. (to name just a few).

Hotel: Savegre LodgeBirding Tour Costa Rica - San Gerardo de Dota | Cloud Forest & Paramo Species


Day 6: San Gerardo de Dota | Quetzal Country

A full day of birding at the private reserve of Savegre Lodge. You will walk the trails and be entranced by the beautiful white oaks, and golden moss of this stunning forest. The array of bird species is astounding. In the afternoon, stroll along the river looking for Dippers, and Phoebes and relax in the gardens surrounded by Hummingbirds as the sunsets.

Hotel: Savegre LodgeSan Gerardo de Dota | Quetzal Country, Birding tour Costa Rica


Day 7: Pacific Slope| Los Cusingos & Wilson’s Gardens

Today you will travel south to the area of San Vito and the Las Cruces Biological Station (home of the famous Wilson’s Gardens). You will journey about 3.5 hours (birding as you go) and make a stop at Los Cusingos Sanctuary, the home of Alexander Skutch. Las Cruces is a mid-elevation site exuberant with vast collections of gingers, ferns, and bromeliads.

Wilson’s Gardens has the second largest palm collection in the world. It’s not just about plants! Las Cruces has fantastic birding, too. You will want to be ready to spy the Speckled Tanager, Bran colored Fly-catcher and the Turquoise Cotinga. Accommodations are very simple, and meals basic but the flora and fauna are spectacular.

Hotel: Las Cruces Biological Station
Las Cruces Biological Station - Pacific Slope| Los Cusingos & Wilson’s Gardens - Birding in Costa Rica

Day 8: Pacific Slope | Las Cruces Biological Station

The lush botanical garden at the Las Cruces biological station is the perfect starting point for today’s birding adventure. With very good forest trails and a canopy observation tower, Las Cruces proves to be one of Costa Rica’s birding gems. You’ll search for the middle elevation, montane forest species of Southern Costa Rica. The top species include Spot-crowned Euphonias, Snowy-bellied Hummingbirds and with some luck the endangered Turquoise Cotinga and White-crested Coquette. We will also look for the White-throated Thrush, Speckled Tanager, Crested Oropendola and Bran-colored Flycatcher.

Hotel: Las Cruces Biological Station


Day 9: San Jose | Last night in Paradise

It’s about 5.5-hours drive back to San Jose but you will make plenty of stops along the way to view many bird species. You will stop along the coast for lovely ocean views and a delicious lunch. You will arrive late afternoon to your hotel. Plan on a celebratory farewell dinner that evening.

Hotel: Bougainvillea Hotel

Day 10: San Jose | Time to return home

Your Costa Rica birding adventure comes to a close. Return to the San Jose Airport for your flight home.

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