Arenal Volcano

About Arenal Volcano Costa Rica

One of the most notable of the natural features in Costa Rica Tour would be the Arenal Volcano. The magnificent volcano can be found in the Arenal-Volcano National Park that spans over 29,960-acres. Even though this volcano went in a state of rest in the year 2010, which means that the eruptions stopped, this site is still beautiful. This volcano rises above the surrounding rainforest at its base. The immediate areas around the volcano offer a variety of outdoor activities such as the canopy tours, hiking, waterfall rappelling, and whitewater rafting along with the friendly and welcoming town of La Fortuna where guests always feel welcome.

The Arenal Volcano National Park consists of mainly rainforest and features 4 distinct and beautiful life zones, harbors and an expanse of flora-and-fauna. Almost 75% of the total amount of bird species are identified in Costa Rica. The other animals are inclusive of snakes, deer, coatis, boas constrictor, capuchin monkeys, sloths, and the Fer-De-Lance Snakes. The plant life is also very varied and includes the bromeliads, ferns, heliconia’s, orchids, palms, cirri, and laurel.

Arenal’s smaller as well as far older sibling, known as Chato Volcano adjoins Arenal. The Volcano is situated at 3,740 feet and was last active around 3,500 years back with a crater filled with stunning aqua-blue water. The Arenal Volcano National Park offers numerous walking trails and is open daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

The quaint town of La Fortuna is a short 4 miles away from the Arenal Volcano and 16 miles from Ciudad and 75 miles from San Jose. This town in itself is warm, central and small and a location that offers visitors with simple access to Arenal park along with all its amenities which makes the stay for guests extremely pleasant.

There are hotels both outside and inside the town, with many that are spread across the countryside situated at the volcano’s base. La Fortuna is the home to great places to have a meal or buy groceries, along with an assortment of bars, shops, and banks. Activities in this area are countless. For example, you can take part in horseback rides throughout the nearby hills or whitewater rafting on the Penas Blancas, Balsa and Toro rivers. Each of the rivers is different in scenery and intensity, where participants are able to choose from exciting class IV rapids or a relaxing safari float.

Other water sports are also available on Lake Arenal which includes kite surfing, fishing, and canoeing. The inland diversions offer waterfall repelling and hiking along with hanging bridge and canopy tours. The La Fortuna Waterfall offers a 230-ft cascade that drops into a misty pool, located 3-miles to the south of La Fortuna. The geothermal activities of the volcano heat up a number of the underground water-flumes and the local landowners have tapped into these natural sources, where they have created a variety of hot springs.

The springs are indulgent and varied, a few feature cold pools, wet bars, and waterslides and provide visitors with the ideal ending to a day spent in Arenal. The Arenal Botanical Gardens, positioned a couple of miles outside of the town features over 2,500 tropical plant species. Many of these plants are rare and include a variety of roses, ferns, orchids, and bromeliads. Birds and butterflies flit through these gardens.

Even though the Venado Caves are nearby to Arenal, it feels like you are on a different planet. Positioned only 1.9-miles outside the town of Venado, the caves offer stalagmites, subterranean streams, and stalactites. When exploring the caves, you will probably see bats that hang from the ceilings, colorless frogs that cling to the rocks, and sightless fish that swim around the streams.

Nature lovers will really enjoy the day trips to Cano Negro National Wildlife Refuge, that is located close to the border of Nicaragua. When exploring the networks of the extensive wetlands along with the massive Cano Negro Lake this area offers ample opportunities for spotting tropical creatures and birds. There is really something for all types of people. This beautiful and quaint town, stunning surroundings along with ample activities really make Arenal a cornerstone destination of the vibrant and welcoming country of Costa Rica.

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