Cahuita Village

Vacation Tour Plan To Cahuita Costa Rica

How To Make Fun-Filled Vacation Tour Plan To Cahuita, Costa Rica

I am trying to plan a great vacation for my family, but I do not want it to be boring. I was thinking that finding a tour to participate in while we were there would be a lot of fun for everyone.

Since we will be walking so much, I thought that a driving tour of some of the farther away attractions would make a great break, and rest! All I need to do now is find the perfect tour for us. I would like for it to be cost-effective as well since we are on a budget.

Important Travel Tips That Will Make You A Savvy Traveler

If you want travel tips that will make you a savvy traveler, then read on as this article will give you travel tips that will make you a savvy traveler. These travel tips include:

  • Get a small backpack/ suitcase to avoid carrying too much stuff
  • Pack light
  • Always carry an extra bank card and credit to have a backup in case you lose your card or get robbed.
  • When you go out, take only what you really need.
  • Carry a basic first aid kit including ointments, antibacterial cream, and band-aids
  • Carry emergency cash as emergencies happen.
  • Get good shoes

Times When It’s Worth Hiring A Travel Agent

Some people believe that hiring a travel agent is no longer important as you can do your booking online. However, what they don’t know is that travel agents offer a personalized experience. Here are a few scenarios when you should consider hiring a travel agent

  • When you want to book during holiday and peak travel times as a travel agent knows how to get the best deal during these times
  • When booking a group trip. This is mainly because of the fact that travel agents can get you better rates if you book as a group
  • When booking an international trip as a passport and visa vary from country to country. A travel agent knows about all the requirements all and will help you out.
  • When booking a destination wedding or a honeymoon

Cahuita Village, Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica

Cahuita is a Caribbean coastal village situated near the border of Panama with white sandy beaches and coral reefs. This vibrant but laid-back little village is set in the unique Creole culture which was brought about by the Afro-Caribbean heritage of Costa Rica and a must-see for those who are visiting the Limón Province. Cahuita can be reached by driving along the Caribbean coast down Highway 36, just 27 miles south of Puerto Limón.

The village serves as a gateway to the Cahuita National Park where the rainforests shelter several species of monkeys, turtles, and toucans. A wide range of tourism services is available including tours to the National Park, as well as equipment, boats, and guides for those who prefer to open the water activities. There is a wide range of hotel accommodation in the area to suit any budget.

Cahuita is a hit among the young and free-spirited as well as those who seek a few days of quiet in the beauty of nature. Playa Blanca beach is a popular swimming beach with offshore activities like snorkeling and scuba diving and to the north of the village the black-sand beach of Playa Negra can be found, known for its huge, strong waves. Between the two beaches is Costa Rica’s finest coral reef which is home to an abundance of marine life. Further north from Playa Negra is the Sloth Sanctuary where orphaned and injured sloths are cared for.

The vast majority of the approximate 4,000 residents is mainly of Jamaican descent and speaks an Africanized Creole-English. Modern-day Cahuita reflects its history at the turn of the century when mass importation of cheap labor was brought in to work on the booming banana plantations. After years of seclusion shunned by Costa Rican officials, it has only begun to emerge in the last 30 years or so due to the construction of the Puerto Limón highway from San José. A few years later the construction of Highway 36 opened up the village to the tourism industry.

The spicy Caribbean cuisine of Cahuita is renowned in Costa Rica as some of the best in the country. The Afro-Caribbean cuisine is a fusion of different European dishes characterized by a seasoned jerk (meat), and curried chicken or goat. Spicy seafood dishes are also common. Food served in Cahuita is certainly different from other inland cuisine and the traditional gallo pinto that dominates mestizo culture.