Where can you see macaws in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has two species of Macaws, the Scarlet Macaw and the Great Green Macaw. In years past, as populations dwindled due to poaching and deforestation, the two species had very separate habitats.

The Scarlet Macaw only found in the wet tropical forests of the Central and South Pacific and the Great Green Macaws found only in the Carribean Lowlands. If you want to see macaws in Costa Rica feel free to check out our birding tours here

In recent years, due to successful rehabilitation programs for both species, the habitat for both the Scarlet and the Great Green Macaws has expanded. There are even sightings of the Scarlet on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and the Great Green on the Pacific.

For visitors who have the Macaws on their “must see” list, we recommend the Central Pacific or the Osa Peninsula to see the Scarlet Macaw and Tortuguero and La Selva Biological Station to see the Great Green Macaws.

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